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A Friendly Note on Applying to College during a Pandemic

This time last year, just the use of the word college sent a slight shiver down my spine. The idea of committing to a place for four years was daunting and the process generally had been exhausting.

As most seasoned US college seniors can tell you, embarking on the college process is never an easy task, especially when throwing in a global pandemic. Navigating applications, interviews, scholarship and funding, as well as the forever dragging waiting period was overwhelming when things were normal, and I can only assume the pandemic has only amplified it by a factor of one million. Then, not having the in person support I relied on so heavily once again complicates things. While I was lucky enough to tour and commit to university last year, and then subsequently taking a year off, I see the immense pressure of not being able to visit a school in person before committing, as well as the challenges of an online life that come into play. Still, I hope I can provide a few pieces of advice that have helped me throughout this time.

"Be honest with how you are feeling"

For me, the idea of leaving this online world to head to school next year is certainly uncomfortable. However, I find comfort in knowing that my peers will take the same leap I will in the fall; that we are in this together. I also take it day by day. I know that I will not have all the answers right now, but I will eventually find them. My biggest piece of advice though is that it is crucial to be honest with how you are feeling. Instead of suppressing my stress, I acknowledge it as part of the process. It is exhausting to pretend that everything is normal, and that you are not feeling the strain of a year long global pandemic.

Best of luck, you’ve got this!

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