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The "I" in Confidence

We are often told that “teamwork makes the dreamwork” or that there is “no I in team.” While these phrases aim to boost our sense of community and collaboration, they fail to mention that while there is “no I in team,” there is an I in “confidence.” A crucial aspect in being able to lead a team, is having the confidence to assert ideas and support other colleagues in the team. There is a certain sense of leadership when one is able to speak about their accomplishments with confidence, not arrogance, and use their experiences to help others. Confidence, however, is a fine line: too confident and you’ll be arrogant, too modest, and you’ll be timid and lacking in confidence. It’s all about finding that balance and knowing when to speak up.

So, how can you improve your confidence?

  • Act confident: standing tall and strong rather than being timid and slouched gives off the impression that you’re confident

  • Have a different mindset: rather than thinking about what others do to you and make you feel, think about the impact you have on them.

  • Don’t be afraid to mention your accomplishments: they deserve to be heard!

  • Worry less and learn to control anxiety: don’t worry so much! Nerves and fidgeting make it apparent that you are not confident.

How does confidence boost performance?

  • Having increased confidence makes you more likely to take on and accomplish challenges

  • Confidence increases productivity because you know what you are able and unable to do

  • You’ll be more assertive, and in turn, you’ll be taken more seriously and treated with more respect in your work environment

  • You’ll be more effective in communicating

  • Confidence will make you stand out

  • Your colleagues will trust you to lead them

  • You will influence others with your confidence.

As a team, a balance of confidence should be achieved. When you find that balance, you’ll be able to live up to your potential. In the words of Vince Lombardi, “Confidence is contagious, so is lack of confidence.” Once you start standing tall and being assertive, others will follow, and the aforementioned benefits will only be amplified in your workplace.

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